5 differences between escape rooms and city hunts

Nowadays, birthdays are not really celebrated in bars and tourism is no longer done through the window of a bus that takes you around town. They are no longer celebrated with friends on the bench of any park. No, what is trendy right now is more about experience, adventure, puzzles and escape games! And above all, we like to test our communication, orientation and strategy skills with friends, whatever the day of the week.

This is why Barcelona has equipped itself with several escape rooms or escape games on different themes and for several levels. But, what is there beyond the rooms from which you have to get out in 60 minutes? Good question to which we have the answer: outdoor treasure hunts or city hunts like those offered by Artemis Gymkhanas!

Here are the 5 differences differences between escape rooms city hunts :

Difference 1 – Play time

In a common escape game, the play time is generally limited. You only have one hour to find the exit. On the other hand, in an orientation game and Artemis scavenger hunts, the playing time is extended. By the way, our shortest game lasts 1h30 and the longest can last up to 3h30! You will think that an hour is more than enough, but when you stroll through a district of Barcelona in search of puzzles, it becomes difficult to stop! All the more so when the course of the game is full of surprises!

Difference 2 – The “sporty” factor

If you want to do a bit of sport, the Artemis scavenger hunt in Barcelona is a good way to achieve your daily step goal. How? By traveling through numerous cobbled streets or mountain paths, all in a race against an opposing team. At Artemis Gymkhanas, we have paper chases that allow you to cross and discover several districts of Barcelona. A good example is the game called From Born to Raval.

Difference 3 – The number of players

If you are two people, you can totally do an Artemis city hunt, but if you are 300 … you can too! Large companies such as Ikea, eDreams or Booking.com have already discovered the city through our adventures. Depending on the game, all the teams start from the starting point at the same time, or with ten minutes difference.

Difference 4- Fiction VS reality

Escape rooms have many accessories available, which allow players to fully immerse themselves in the story. As for the Artemis treasure hunts in the city, they are embedded in the past, and as we cannot change the reality of Barcelona, ​​we are doing everything possible to link it to a believable story told in a road book that accompanies the players during the course. Sometimes and depending on the game, the team of animators puts on disguises to make it easier for the players to project themselves into the past (or the future) of Barcelona.

Difference 5 – Tourism in the city

As you saw in the previous point, far from being locked in a room, Artemis city hunts and orienteering games allow you to get involved and experience Barcelona in direct contact with its inhabitants, with the shops and hidden spaces of the city.

So, escape games and treasure hunts are a fun way to team up, bond, and play beyond the popular Trivial Pursuit or classic Monopoly. These are ways to spend the afternoon (or morning) on ​​adventures and solving puzzles. But by the way, did you know that our Virus Escape paper chase is the story that precedes the Enigma escape game? A clear example that treasure hunts and escape rooms, although different, can sometimes go hand in hand.

Tell us what other differences between escape rooms and city hunts you can spot! 🙂


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