Sustainability Commitment

Since its creation, Artemis Gymkhanas has been committed to environmental and social responsibility. Its respect for both natural and environmental heritage, as well as social and cultural heritage, is the main driving force behind the birth of the project, given that in addition to entertaining and bringing people together, the primary objective of Artemis Gymkhanas is precisely to raise awareness of the resources that surrounds people.

Artemis’ Values

Artemis Gymkhanas not only carries implicit values ​​such as respect, education and healthy habits, but our product is also a materialization of all these responsibilities. All of our games are played on foot or by bike, which promotes sustainable mobility and encourages people to be physically active. In addition, they are designed to be carried out in small groups, so that one avoids causing large agglomerations both in the center and suburbs. One of our goals being precisely to decentralize tourism in the city, we have a range of games that take place in less exploited areas such as Montjuïc, Collserola and Gràcia.

At Artemis Gymkhanas, we also put culture and respect at the heart of our actions, ensuring that our games put the visitor in contact with the environment and space, reinforcing the feeling of belonging to a place, a group or a community. Thus, we manage to minimize the negative impact that can be caused and to educate adults and children about these values.

Commitment to the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)

Beyond that, we have a game that not only tries to reduce the ecological impact, but also creates positive action on the site in question, as in our game, Mission Collserola, in which teams score points by collecting garbage from the park.


For 2020, Artemis Gymkhanas plans to release a new version of the game Del Born al Raval, which will focus on the issues faced by the neighborhoods the game passes through: Born, Gòtic and Raval. In addition to giving a voice to the actors of the district, and to talk about issues such as migration, socio-professional integration, gentrification and housing, the actors will become aware of this and will seek lasting solutions to these situations.

Biosphere membership

Another action that shows the commitment of Artemis Gymkhanas to improving the environment and making Barcelona a more sustainable city is its membership in the Biosphere Certification. With this, we ensure the development of products and services in accordance with non-aggressive tourism, which meets the needs of customers and users, without endangering future generations. Thus, our company focuses on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, and is committed to achieving as many as possible through its activity.


 Improvement plan

Happy with these commitments, Artemis Gymkhanas plans an improvement plan to be finalized by the end of 2020, which involves the actions detailed below:

  • Advertising printed on recycled paper
  • Reduction of suppliers connected to big companies
  • Design of new products that avoid the tourist saturation of the city center
  • Greater participation in municipal and regional days committed to sustainability. Example: Setmana de la Mobilitat Sostenible. (Sustainable Mobility Week)