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Who are we?

Artemis is the Leader in the development of treasure hunts and role playing games in Barcelona since 2014.



Before 2013: We are two friends, enthusiasts of games and history and with experience in coordinating international projects, logistics and event organization. We have been creating recreational gymkhanas for several different events such as birthdays, bachelor or bachelorette parties, weddings or simply for fun, for our friends and family. From this is that the Artemis project started.
2013-2014: We decided to carry out the Artemis project in September 2013. This project was financed with a crowdfunding during which we got 100% of the funds we needed to start this project as Artemis Gymkhanas Barcelona S.L.
5th May 2014: Artemis Gymkhanas Barcelona S.L. is born.


Our organising / hosting team: Brais Padin, Ana Isabella Byrne, Hervé Dudout.
Our graphic designer: Miquel Albiac
Our video editors: Xavi Pujol, Alana Garcés Punset
Our music composer: Mathieu Goudot
Our organic chef: Tiphaine Leurent
Our translators: Ana Isabella Byrne, Laura Obradors Noguera
Our intern: Eléa Thébault Andersen
345 players
3 Team Building activities: ERNI consulting, EDF Immobilier and Verdié Autocares.
Deals with over 15 bars and 15 organizations / associations

Over 1000 players
Over 10 custom made team building games (From Born to Raval, Montjuic): IKEA, Moët-LVMH, Smith & Nephew, Computacenter, PROVOTUM
Two new games: Bar Hunt and Montjuïc 1
Over 15 bachelor or bachelorette parties and birthday groups with Bar Hunting
New partners

Development of 4 new games:
Virus Escape: May 2016
Track on Beach: May 2016
The Mole: July 2016
Woodland Pursuit: September 2016

OUR CROWDFUNDERS: We wouldn’t be here without them!

Diego Martinez Mengod, our father, or the man who changed chip
Annick and Michel Maurin
Pablo Martinez Mengod, one of our heroes
Alicia Mengod
Sandra Castells
Brais Padin
John Hilberts
Sebastien Coene, Autist’ Reading
Hervé Dudout, le Gros Chat (the Big Cat)
Damien Tavant
Sandra Lozano Rubio
Francisco Marubio
Sylvie Lederle
Martine Moebus
Tony Lethuier, nicknamed Letakin
Julie Möbus;
Florent You;
Stephane Groshanny, the blacklisted shareholder
Emmanuelle Kalfon or soeurette (little sister);
Julien Ricart, le Commandant Couche-Tôt (Commander Go-To-Bed-Early);
Joan and Gaelle Martin;
Antoine Sardet (Didier to his close friends);
Amaury Hazan, Momo
Esther Antola;
Marthe Mouradian, nicknamed Martoche;
Patricia Minguela;
Sophie Delion or Sofia Deleon in showbuiz;
Aurélie Cottu-Dorckel
Hélène Rochais- Gulubuglu;
Cristina Valtuille;
Tiphaine Leurent (Miss Ecobox);
Claire Traineau;
Marion De la Bretèque;
Mathieu Chomarat, our Shawarma;
Agnès Bernard;
Brenda Nestor;
Emilie Gilles;
Alexis Kociencik nicknamed Kok;
Adrien Absolu;
Séverine Gast;
Nicolas Cottu, nicknamed Coco…
Aurélie Dekeyser, or Lola for her fans
Anais Martin;
Arnault Sablier, our godfather Nono;
Diego Galli;
Marta Rojas;
Lina Pita, whom we could also call Shawarma;
Raul Abad, really mainly Tato;
Gabriel Gauducheau;
Farcot Matthieu, nicknamed la Croquette;
Elodie le Piaf (a huge thank you);
Caroline Lemaire;
Gildas Mainsant, a superb dancer;
Nikolaj Andersen;
Marion Bermondy;

We’d like to that all of our friends, family, acquaintances who have always given us all of their support and more.