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Crime in Sant Pere

1-80 players
Investigation game in Barcelona – Scavenger Hunt
Gòtic District
3 hours
Difficulty level 3/5
Locals / tourists
From Monday to Sunday / All year long

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General Presentation: Get in the character of a police inspector investigating a case of robbery in the Born district. In this investigation game in Barcelona full of suspense, you will walk by the most marvelous places and monuments of the Born district and get an in-depth grasp of the golden age of modernism.

Watch the pictures gallery of this investigation game to discover Barcelona.
Watch the video of the investigation game – Crime in Sant Pere

Beginning of the game: You arrive by train at “Estació de França” (Barcelona’s train station) this very morning, at 8:22 am on Friday, 27 August. You have just been transferred to the “Mossos d’Esquadra” (Catalan police) Department of La Ribera, Born. Your new colleagues have given you the latest case to investigate: some archives were stolen from the “Sant Pere de Puelles” Church yesterday. You start studying the information you have in front of the “Palau de la Música”. Open your eyes…

Playing Material: a backpack, a map, a roadbook, a compass, a MP3, information, clues (photos, drawings, puzzles, etc.) and many other surprises!

Languages available: English, Spanish, Catalan, French

Starting point: Plaça Jaume Sabartés

How to reach the point in a sustainable way?

Metro: L1, L4, L6
Train: R1, R2S, R4, S1
Bus: 47, D20, H14, H16, V13, V17

Examples of trials:
– Look for clues or information using maps, pictures, etc.
– Compare information available on the field and information provided within the playing material
– Deduce information from visual or sound clues
– Look for information about a monument / building
– Discard wrong tracks
– Find your way using old maps or pictures

Additional services:
– Awards and presents for (winning) teams
– Stop over in a bar / tapas
– Lunch / dinner in a restaurant (at the end of the game)
– Video / photo coverage
– Bike tour

Are you ready to help the commissioner find the person responsible for the crime of Sant Pere?


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