Barcelona from inside, the sustainable city hunt

R E L E A S E – S O O N (sustainable city hunt)

A hacked press article. An entity with economic interests. A missing journalist. An investigation to be carried out. A limited time. The future of the old city at stake.

Barcelona from inside is the first mystery game that mixes social and environmental awareness with gamification and fun. An ideal treasure hunt for corporate events, CSR events and cultural activities with family or friends.

juego de misterio sostenible

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The big company NeoCities S.A. has moved to Barcelona with the goal of eliminating all traces of identity and converting the city into a neutral, minimalist and timeless space . At the same time, the Catalan journalist Mercè J. wrote the article “Barcelona from inside” where she exposes the problems of the city and how the struggles of neighborhoods try to face them, converting it into a city more fair, human and open.

NeoCities S.A. does not want this article to come to light, which is why they hacked the journalist’s computer, who has since gone into hiding for fear of reprisals from the entity.

El joc amb consciència social i mediambiental amb gamificació i diversió

Mercè J. calls you to help her recover the documents and testimonies stolen by the company. Will you be able to rebuild “Barcelona from inside” and put the truth at the service of society?

In this mission you will have to walk the network of streets of the old town, from the Mercat del Born to the Rambla del Raval, passing by the ironic Plaza of George Orwell or the controversial Forat de la Vergonya, and see Barcelona on the authentic side and its relation to inclusion, urbanism, feminism and sustainability, the pillars of this “controversial” article .

El juego sostenible en Barcelona

Why Barcelona from inside ?

Barcelona from inside: the sustainable city hunt” is therefore a new challenge launched by Artemis, with the support of Barcelona City Hall and Barcelona Activa , with the aim of making visible the causes, problems and challenges that affect the daily life of the Old City, giving voice to those entities and movements that have fought to improve their neighborhoods and make change possible and to raise awareness among residents and visitors to Barcelona through puzzles and team tests.

Finally, the initiative aims to support local commerce in all phases of the project and will donate part of the profits to the entities with which it collaborates.

What values does Barcelona from inside bring?

Barcelona from inside: the sustainable city hunt” talks about empathy, cooperation, migration, LGBTIQ + rights, environment, feminism, sustainability, mutual aid, gentrification, mass tourism, human rights, the homeless, town planning, children with functional diversity, and culture. This game is about all of us.

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An original way to discover the city of Barcelona and learn loads about its history and the local culture while sharing fun moments with your friends and family.