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How do our treasure hunts in Barcelona work?

Our treasure hunts in Barcelona take between one and three hours to complete. During this time, the players must find clues in the city following instructions, solve all the puzzles and answer all the questions without using the internet to get to the end.

Number of players: unlimited. Our scavenger hunts in Barcelona can be done alone or in teams. We recommend at least 2 and maximum 8 people per team.

Season for the game: All year, any day.

Types of games:
Investigation games (⇒ All investigation games)
Quiz-tour (⇒ All quiz-tours)
Orientation games  (⇒ All orientation games)
Sportive city hunts  (⇒ All sport games)
Customizable games: We offer customized games to large groups.

Playing material: An Artemis backpack with a roadbook, clues (photos, Artemis alphabet, puzzles, etc.), tools (MP3, binoculars, compass, magnifying glass…), maps, etc.

Time: Most of our treasure hunts in Barcelona are 2h30 long (see All our games). The time changes according to the chosen method of transport (walking, bike, Segway or other). If you want to play in a competitive mode (2 or more teams), the time you take in solving the puzzles will determine your final result.

To take part in a game: Contact us to book a time and play with your friends, or to take part in one of the events we publish on our website or on social media like Facebook or Instagram. Through our website or by telephone, you can book the city hunt on whichever day you choose. Afterwards, we will let you know the meeting point. One or more Artemis organizers will be waiting for you at the starting point of the game to give you the material and will wait for you at the end to count points and hand out the prizes.

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Treasure hunts in Barcelona