Bar hunting treasure hunt barcelona

Bar Hunting

2-20 players
Treasure hunt in Barcelona with a quiz and stopovers in bars
Adults / Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties / Corporate
3 neighbourhoods:: Born, Gótico, Raval
From 3 to 6 hours
Difficulty level 2/5
Locals / Tourists
From Wednesday to Sunday / All year long

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General description:
This Bar hunting treasure hunt in Barcelona is ideal for a bachelor party or a birthday! Walk through the three neighborhoods of the historic centre of Barcelona (Born, Gothic, Raval) answer enigmas about history, culture and legends of the city, and do personalized dares. You will stop in a selection of our favorite bars and restaurants where you will have the opportunity to try typical drinks and tapas.

Watch the pictures gallery of the bar hunting in Barcelona.
Watch the video of the game (birthday)

Your goal: Follow the itinerary as indicated on the maps and the roadbook in order to answer as many questions as possible and do all the dares to score the maximum points.

Playing material:
A backpack, a map, a roadbook, a compass, an MP3, musical instruments, information, clues (photos, drawings, puzzles, etc.) and many other surprises!

Languages available:
English, Spanish, Catalan, French

Starting Point: Mercat del Born

How to get to the point in a sustainable way?

  • Metro: L1, L4.
  • Train: R14, R15, R2S.
  • Bus: 59, D20, H14, H16, V19

Examples of trial (customizable):
– Look for clues or information using maps, pictures, etc.
– Look for information about a monument / building
– Personalized dares (challenges, interaction with locals, taking fun pictures, etc.)
– Logic
– General knowledge
– Orientation tests
– Brain-teaser, puzzles, rebus, etc.

Other services:
– Awards and presents for the bride / the groom / the birthday person
– Stop over in a bar / tapas (from 3 to 5 stopovers)
– Lunch / dinner in a restaurant (at the end of the game)
– Video / photo coverage

Are you ready to discover Barcelona in a fun way with this scavenger hunt in Barcelona ?

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