Commitment to Responsible Tourism

At Artemis Gymkhanas, we are concerned about the mass tourism that the city of Barcelona is currently experiencing. For this reason, we have decided to specialize in responsible, glocal, and zero environmental footprint quality tourism, so that our city does not deteriorate, but instead, that it keeps developing with the action of our players.

An example of this is our membership in the biosphere, ensuring the application of a responsible tourism policy.

Therefore, we are committed to:

– Check the Sustainability Commitment in the hands of the Biosphere, with the values, objectives and the improvement plan developed by Artemis Gymkhanas.

– Prevent the negative impacts of facilities and activities in the center and the mountains of Barcelona, ​​and maximize the positive impacts.

– Continuously progress in all areas of socio-cultural, economic and environmental sustainability, through new methods of controlling the use of resources.

– Satisfy our internal and external customers, through active listening and a constant search for feedback from both our employees and the contracting party of our activities.

– Commit to the principles of the World Charter for Sustainable Tourism.