New 2021 city hunts : Barcelona Romana and Bar Hunting (Poble Sec)

We want you to start 2021 on the right foot. This is why we have made every effort to offer you two new 2021 city hunts by Artemis!

After surviving a pandemic and a thousand mobility restrictions, we have two new paper chase options which will:

  1. Allow you to go out of your house and see the sun;
  2. Allow you to see your friends ous permettront de voir des amis in the safest way possible;
  3. Allow you to learn new things;
  4. Help you relive the magic of Barcelona, ​​in a mysterious and enigmatic way

What are the new games for 2021?

The first is a game that we have completely revisited. It was one of the very first Artemis Gymkhanas treasure hunts that we turned into a fictional story on the streets of the Ghotic district. It will allow you to enter old Barcino, and to know the oldest architectural remains of the Roman colony founded as a gift to retired Roman soldiers.

The second is the best option we have found to help the hotel industry. It takes place in the districts of Poble Sec and Paral·lel, which represent the twentieth-century suburb, characterized by modernist bars and a factory atmosphere. A great option if you want to know the best bars in town and taste delicious products.

Barcelona Romana – Saving Flavia

You will put yourself in the shoes of a Roman citizen who wants to find Flavia before she is sold to the slave market. You have to walk the streets of Barcino, read papyri and put history in order to discover Flavia’s slave code. Will you be able to find her before her terrible fate catches up with her?

This outdoor escape game is ideal for playing with family or adults.

gynkana barcelona romana

Bar Hunting – Attack on Pompeii

In 1920, an armed man hired by the employers, Inocencio Feced, planted a bomb in the Music Hall Pompeya, in Poble Sec. There were 6 dead and 18 injured but due to lack of evidence, he was released. Someone contacted you to visit the bars in the area and find the evidence that could indict him.

This treasure hunt is perfect for locals and tourists alike. It includes 3 drinks.

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Which one are you going to try first?

We have already made the tickets for the grand premiere of these games available to you. If you would like to reserve your seats, click here and let us know which game you would like to try first.


An original way to discover the city of Barcelona and learn loads about its history and the local culture while sharing fun moments with your friends and family.