5 qualities that define a good Artemis crew member

The face of our scavenger hunts at Artemis is precisely the face, soul and energy of our crew members. When it comes to our game, crew members are the bearers of the information about the game, as well as the material needed for it. But not only do they take care of the latter, they are also stand-ins for Raquel Silva in Pekin Express waiting for the participants of the reality show at the. They are part of the final stage of the game, receiving the players with prizes, the correcting answers (if need be) and, from time to time, sharing a glass to celebrate completing the game.

But before the grand finale, our crew never disappear from the stage of the game (that is, the streets where it takes place). Although teams do their own time travelling alone, the Artemis crew member hosting the game could be hiding in doorways and under balconies to surprise players along their way. You never know when they could find a player looking at Google Maps, an act punishable by death (or almost), or skipping a section, among other misdeeds that players may commit.


So, as you can see, the Artemis crew member has the important task of assisting players in the purest game master style. In addition, they are sometimes faced by the demands of the players and, why not? perhaps a bit of fatigue after walking a few kilometres. For all the challenges that lie ahead, a hosting Artemis crew member must have the following qualities:

1- Self-Assurance: it is very important that the information (rules, prohibitions, conditions and other parameters of the game) is very clear. To do this, the hosting crew member must be sure about themselves and their knowledge of the game.

2- Flexibility: players often have requests such as stopping at a bar, finishing quickly because they have another event afterwards, resting… For all these reasons, it is very important that the hosting crew member is ready to adapt to all kinds of requests and please the players.

3- Optimism: the hosting crew member must be highly motivated to live a new adventure and see any window as a giant door that opens before them.They must always remain positive to be able to spread their positivity to the players, who will need a lot of enthusiasm to walk every nook and cranny in the centre of Barcelona.

4- Sense of humour: we must confess that sometimes our crew dress up to liven up the story. We do not mean that they make a fool of themselves, only that they must be prepared to play policemen, park rangers or people who are incognito, among other characters.

5- Pro-activity: Artemis crew members re great fans of games, but they also know the city well. This is important, because they often influence the players with tips for their post-game activities, since they recommend bars, shops, and places to visit. Therefore, our crew are active people in their daily lives, who take active part of the growth of Barcelona itself.

So these, together with other useful characteristics, are the qualities we appreciate in our crew. Of course, it takes a good dose of responsibility to make your company event, your birthday party or your meeting with friends a success.

Do you think you could be a good fit in the Artemis crew? Spring is coming soon and with it a bright sun that makes anyone want to play one of our wall-free escape rooms! Get in touch.


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