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Roman Barcelona:

2-20 players
Historical game
Adults / Children’s version
Barri Gòtic
3 hour long game
For fans of role playing games
To discover Barcelona
From Monday to Sunday / all year round

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Summary: Time travel and put yourself in the shoes of a Roman citizen who traveled all the way to Barcelona to find his family. Through an intense mystery story and lots of adventures, discover Barcelona from I AD, its roman remains and get to understand the origins and inheritance of the city.

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Start of the game:

It is the year 16 A.D. Your name is Julius de Tertulina i Tertiola, you are 32 years old and you work at a shipyard at Centum Cellae (present day Civitavecchia), close to Rome, capital of the Empire. Your father, your uncle and his daughter, your fiancée, left over 30 years ago on board one of the military ships that used to go across the Mediterranean at the time. The aim of this military convoy, as ordered by the Emperor, was to discover new lands to settle in and then give the lands to retired members of the Imperial army.

Your family never returned. You know that their ship went aground on the coasts of Hispania.

Your aim: Find your father and your fiancée in Roman Barcelona…

Equipment provided for each team: an Artemis backpack, a map of the are, Roman maps, a compass, binoculars, a roadbook with instructions, puzzles and other useful information (maps, photos, pictures, etc.)

Examples of tasks to complete:
– Find places / monuments from questions based on logic and puzzles
– Find information about a monument, a sculpture
– Tests of general culture
– Orientation trials (with compasses and maps)
– Riddles, hieroglyphs
– Reach conclusions from information given or found.

Extra services:
– Prizes for all teams (recommended)
– Stop at a bar or for tapas (at the end or halfway through the game)
– Gymkhana by bike
– Video of the game / Photographic report

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