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Teambuilding Activity


Activity: Montjuïc Challenge

Expiration Date: 31/12/2019


Ideal for large groups, this game route provides a cultural and fun experience in the Montjuïc Park, through a series of questions and tasks that have to be solved using teamwork. This way, players get to work in groups, discover the most emblematic places of the park and enjoy some fun moments together. Tasks can be customized and, therefeore, adapted for a special event (Christmas dinner, launch of a new product…) or any other type of need.


GOAL Look for clues and solve all enigmas in order to find your way to the arrival point in the shortest time possible

DURATION Two hours

MATERIAL A bagpack, a compass, envelopes with questions, information and clues (photos, drawings, puzzles, etc.)

BEFORE THE GAME The Artemis organisers explain the rules of the game and hand out the material to the teams

DURING THE GAME The Artemis organisers surprise the players on the way and supervise the tasks

IN THE END OF THE GAME The Artemis organisers welcome the players at the final meeting place, count the points and hand out the prizes.



3-350 participants

1-20 organisers

Teams of 6-7 pax

Idioma: ENG

Team-building Verson


Exemple Programme

1pm Meeting with the Artemis team

1-1.30pm Teams division and rules explanation

1.30pm Start of the game 

1.30-3.15pm Game

3.30pm Time limit to get to the finish point

4pm Results and distribution of prizes


Start and Finish Area

Starting point: Estación de Funicular (Funicular station) Montjuic (av. Miramar)

Finishing point: Montjuïc Castle


Interactive Tasks

The Artemis organisers are placed in different places on the way to make the game more dynamic:

  • Jardin Joan Brossa
  • Jardin Mossen Cinto Verdaguer
  • Jardin del Mirador
  • Castillo de Montjuic

These organisers surprise the players on their way and give them tasks to perform.


Sales Conditions

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Pricing (no taxes included)

Montjuïc Challenge:

6-9 pax: 27€/pax

10-20 pax: 25€/pax

31-50 pax: 24€/pax

51-100 pax: 23€/pax

Over 300 pax: 19€/pax


Additional Services:

  • Multilingual game
  • Prizes for the teams (recommended)
  • Customised tasks
  • Video/Photo reportage