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Orientation Game


Activity: Mission Collserola

Date: October 2019

Hour: 17h (TBC)

Offer Expiration date: 01/10/2019


It is the year 2132. The predictions were right: human beings will soon disappear due to high pollution levels. A group of scientists has developed a method to ensure the survival of at least a group of humans. However, this next civilization must be better than the first by surviving with as little as possible, respecting other species, and helping each other.

You are now part of the selection programme. Your mission is to prove your team fits the requirements to become part of the next civilization. To do so each team (of up to 13) will have to get certain codes and insert them as answers in a final matrix. The mission will only be considered complete if all teams succeed together as well as individually.


GOAL Accomplish their mission in a collective way, each team taking different tasks and experiments, with and without supervision of the monitors

DURATION Three hours

MATERIAL A backpack with map, binoculars, compass, metal boxes, puzzles… Accoording to each team’s tasks

BEFORE THE GAME The Artemis organisers explain the rules of the game and hand out the material to the teams

DURING  THE GAME The Artemis organisers surprise the players on the way and supervise the tasks

IN THE END OF THE GAME The Artemis organisers welcome the players at the final meeting place and supervise the final collective challenge



30-35 participants

3-4 organisers

5 teams of 6-7 pax  (recommended)

Language: ENG

Teambuilding version


Example Programme

5pm Meeting with the Artemis crew

5-5.30pm Teams division and rule explanation

5.30pm Start of the game 

5.30-7.45pm Game

7.45pm Time limit to get to the finish point

8pm Final task and results


Game Area

WhatsApp Image 2019-03-26 at 13.30.32


Meeting Point

At the entrance of Ferrocarriles Catalanes station: Baixador de Vallvidrera



The Artemis crew will be at different points of the park in order to set various tasks to the playersTheJourney

  • The Journey
  • Build your own tool
  • Water Rationing
  • Collective Responsability
  • Botanical Training


Sale Conditions

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Mission Collserola 21-30 pax: 25€/pax + IVA (21%)

Mission Collserola 31-50 pax: 24€/pax + IVA (21%)


Additional Services

  • Multilingual game
  • Prizes for the teams (recommended)
  • Customised tasks
  • Video/Photo reportage