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Investigation Game


Activity: Crime in Sant Pere

Date of the Event: Summer 2019

Time: TBC

Offer Expiration Date: 30-06-2019


In the investigation games players explore the most unexpected corners of the city to solve a mystery. Each game is located in a different neighbourhood and  historical period, and participants must delve into a plot to solve an investigation case –  based on real events – through a series of clues hidden in the city streets. 

General Presentation: Get in the character of a police inspector investigating a case of robbery in the Born district. In this game full of suspense, you will walk by the most marvellous places and monuments of Born and get an in-depth grasp of the golden age of modernism.

GOAL To solve a series of riddles inserted on a plot, interacting with the city, the people and the organisers. 

DURATION 2h30-3h

MATERIAL a bag with a guide (roadbook), clues (photos, puzzles, alphabets, etc.), some tools (MP3, binoculars, compass, etc…) and a map.

BEFORE THE GAME The Artemis organisers explain the rules of the game and hand out the material to the teams

DURING  THE GAME The Artemis organisers surprise the players on the way and supervise the tasks

IN THE END OF THE GAME The Artemis organisers welcome the players at the final meeting place, count the points and hand out the prizes.



20 participants

From 1 to 2 organisers

4 Teams of 5 pax  (recommended)

Languages: ENG

Teambuilding version


Example Programme

10pm Meeting with the Artemis crew in Plaça Jaume Sabartés (L1-L4 Urquinaona, L1 Arc del Triomf or L4 Jaume I)

10-10.15pm Teams division and rule explanation

10.15pm Start of the game 

12.45pm Game

13pm Time limit to get to the finish point

13.15pm Results and distribution of prizes (at the restaurant/hotel)


Game Areas (different games)




Players have a variety of material that they use to interact with the city, people from the neighbourhood and the organisers to solve the plots enigmas.

The organisers surprise the players, acting as characters of the plot on their way and give relevant information to solve the puzzles.


Sale Conditions

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Pricing (no taxes included)

Investigation game for 20 pax: 25€/pax


Additional Services:

  • Bars added to the game
  • Multilingual game
  • Prizes for the teams (recommended)
  • Customised tasks
  • Video/Photo reportage